Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Getting back to blog

I really miss not taking the time to reflect on my leadership journey on my blog. One of the "notes to self" of the last year is that I now realize how powerful times of solitude and reflection can be. The time in Luxembourg was a luxury that I've never had before - time to be with myself, reading, thinking, and writing. The reason that the adjustment to more private time was so difficult was the fact that I'd literally never done it before! Although I tried to keep the lessons of Luxembourg alive, I slipped back into old patterns in my work and quickly became consumed again. I'm coming back to see if I can reestablish balance between reflecting and acting.

The most positive part of the last six months is that I completed the manuscript for Deeper Learning in Leadership. As of June 1, the full text was off to Jossey-Bass for reviewer and editor feedback. Once Miami closed for the spring, I returned to voraciously complete the chapters that remained incomplete. With the tolerance of my wife, Diane, and the assistance of two great graduate students, Julie and Kari, I bull-dozed through the manuscript. Once I receive feedback I'll return for revisions but, for the moment, the book is out of sight and out of mind. I would never have completed this labor of love had it not been for Luxembourg!

Since the manuscript was completed, I've returned to catching up with work and family matters. One of the personal highlights of recent weeks was Darbi's graduation from Carnegie Mellon University. The picture below is of Devin, Diane, and Darbi during this wonderful weekend.

Devin and Steve joined us from Chicago for a full weekend of family celebration as Darbi graduated with College and University honors, Mortar Board, and Phi Beta Kappa. She's now off to the Wind River Ridge of Wyoming for a 6-week wilderness and spiritual adventure.

One of the new additions to the Carnegie campus was the focus of considerable conversation over commencement weekend - Reaching for the Sky. This is a brand new sculpture created by an alumnus. This particular sculpture reminds me so much of Darbi, Devin, and Steve as they begin their adult lives. Depending on your vantage point, Reaching for the Sky is endless, breathless, unknowable, and many other discriptors. Who knows where we'll be and what we'll ultimately do in life? As young people, family, friends, and students - the possibilities are endless.

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