Friday, August 11, 2006

A needed break - #1

Diane (wife), Darbi (youngest daughter), and I have been on vacation for the last ten days. We're wrapping it up with a visit with our oldest daughter (Devin) and her husband (Steve) in Chicago - to return August 13, 2006, to Oxford. We've had a great time and it has been quite renewing. The itinerary included Niagara Falls, Canada, Toronto, Makinac Island, and Chicago. We were basically trying to do something that would be drivable but would take us into areas that had a bit of an international flair. Yeah, I know... These places aren't terribly different than most of the U.S.A. but at least we could drive.

I'm not sure what we learned about leadership during our travels...

Niagara Falls was pretty amazing in terms of the vision of harnessing the power of water to create a resource that provides electricity to so much of the northeast. The Canadian side is also very interesting as an economic center. Canada has really taken advantage of its proximity to the U.S.A. for tourism. The further you get away from Niagara Falls, there are more interesting things such as an area for wine production, water sports, commerce, and recreation/culture.

Pics and commentary continue on the next post...

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