Friday, February 09, 2007

Shifting to Deeper Learning in Leadership

I've used the Pursing Leadership by Denny blog to chart the course of my journey toward more deeply understanding leadership from just before I went to Europe in the fall of 2005. I knew I was embarking on both a physical and conceptual journey and I was not disappointed. My posts throughout 2005 and 2006 noted insights that came to me from various experiences and interactions I had throughout this period. While I was experiencing and sorting out the implications, I was working on the manuscript for Deeper Learning in Leadership, a book to come out during summer of 2007. The ideas included in this book came from 30+ years working in leadership but they were more specifically stimulated by reading, studying, and exploring new ideas that I might include in the book.

Deeper Learning in Leadership is now in the hands of the editors and designers at Jossey-Bass. I'll still have a bit of work to do as the final proofs come back. For the most part, I'm shifting my attention to how to convey the core ideas of the book in speaking opportunities and consultations that I will have in the coming months. The nature of this blog will shift to this testing and application phase. I hope previous readers will stay with me and that new readers will join as we all engage in dialogue on what deeper leadership might be. I invite you to join with me and I invite you to offer questions, refining comments, or just reflections as we journey together.

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