Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Museum of Islamic Art

One of the most amazing things about Qatar, and Doha specifically, is that it not only seeks to be an educational and scientific center in the Middle East, it also strives to be a cultural center. The new I.M. Pei Museum of Islamic Art (picture to left) is set to open in the near future and is reported to hold the most significant collection of Islamic art ever assembled. The Pei-designed museum reaches out into the Gulf and shimmers in the twilight of day or evening lights of the city. It is a stunning place and one that is likely to set the art world afire with reviews.

Another thing I heard, which has my juices pumping, is that Qatar is about to launch recruitment and selection for a Qatar national orchestra to have its home in Doha. Ads will run in major cities around the world inviting orchestral musicians to audition for this new, phenomenal ensemble.

Before you know it, Doha will have a world-renowned museum and who knows what will happen with the orchestra. You can count on my being there!

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