Tuesday, January 29, 2008

QF Family Photo

Much of the buzz in our office over the last week has been about the annual Qatar Foundation "Photo-Shoot." This is an event that records the legacy of Qatar Foundation's growth and impact by photographing a significant number of Qatar Academy, Qatar Leadership Academy, and Education City students. This picture is my amateur shot of preparations for the official photograph. Around 1,500 students were assembled at the Ceremonial Court this morning at 7 a.m. to have their picture taken.

It's always hard to get students up early so there was a reward - a buffet of delectable treats.I continue to be amazed that every event at Education City includes hospitality like I've never seen before. It's just the way we do things and there are no corners to cut - it's just not acceptable.

The feeling today was like a family photo, including Her Highness in the middle of the picture. And afterward, she circulated around with students posing for candid shots with the hundreds of students who sought to have their pictures taken with her. There was great affection and appreciation in the eyes of the many young people benefiting from the broad work of Qatar Foundation. This is a legacy that will rank right up there with the creation of the great library in Alexandria and Thomas Jefferson's advocacy for the creation of the University of Virginia. I dare say Education City will go down in history as one of the great, break-through experiments of the last couple of centuries and it is well worth watching.

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Joshua X said...

That looks like a great buffet!

I hope you're well Denny.

josh kurz