Monday, March 10, 2008

Last Lecture - Randy Pausch

A professor from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Randy Pausch, is dying of pancreatic cancer. Instead of shriveling up in the face of death, he has become stronger and is touching the lives of college students and others with his message. Oprah Winfrey recently invited him to share a ten minute segment of his "Last Lecture" with her national audience. It's a moving tribute to Randy and to the power of family, hope, possibility, and gratitude. You know that these are recurrent themes for me - sometimes they are so dominant that colleagues have labeled me as naive. If that's what it is, I'll take it anyday over the cynicism that dominates some people's lives.

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voyager3000 said...


Its a tough challenge you are engaging in your work! Kudos to you and shame on unqualified cynism of all kind.

There are strongest impulses emerging at the leading edge who see clearly the perspectives and opportunites plus challenges in GCC Region.

Check next issue of

Its about the Power of Global Connection and Collaboration.

Onwards and forewards we go!

Time to wake up for Europeans and Americans to understand in depth the incredible dynamics in GCC and beyond.

As always, very best to you and your unique work,