Sunday, January 31, 2010

Education City in Qatar expands to European partners

Qatar Foundation recently announced a parternship with Hautes Etudes Commercialis (HEC) ( of Paris to provide its MBA program in Doha. With an appeal to part-time executives who want to pursue advanced study with an elite institution, this is another example of only the best are good enough for these partnerships.

Rumors have been around for some time about Education City beginning a masters of business program. More than any other question I've had about new programs, the potential for MBA study has been the most frequently asked. There is no question that there is need among the growing numbers of Qatari and expatriate staff who are engaged in business and need more advanced training.

As graduate and professional programs unfold, the question of the complementary relationship of these programs will need to be addressed. All too often, graduate programs have little relationship to undergraduate programs in North America. Perhaps Qatar can find a way to relate them and bring value to all.

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