Tuesday, December 07, 2010

WISE Learners' Voice

The 2nd annual WISE (World Innovation Innovation Summit for Education) Conference is underway in Doha (November 7-9, 2010). This is a conference chaired by Dr. Abdulla Al-Thani, Vice President of Qatar Foundation, and it involves 1,200 educators from around the world who are discussing how to broaden access and deepen the impact of education. One of the new additions to the conference this year is that 20 students have joined the conversation, 10 from Qatar, and 10 others from throughout the world. They are serving as reflectors for the conference and are maintaining a blog (http://learnersvoice.tumblr.com/) on their views of what can be done to enhance learning. Check it out for some interesting perspectives about enhancing learning from a students' perspective.

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