Sunday, January 08, 2006

Continuing the pursuit

I'm back from the holidays in Europe and a quick trip of Scholar Leaders to Toronto. I have a lot of catching up to do as the semester begins but I'm committed to maintaining my blog over the coming months. I found the experience of the European blog so helpful as a journaling strategy that I've decided I want to give it a try on a continuing basis.

Over the next week I'll post pictures and thoughts about the trip I took with Diane (wife) and Darbi (youngest daughter) after the conclusion of my teaching in Luxembourg. We had a fast and furious 15 days and covered Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and back home. We were admittedly only hitting the high points but we had a wonderful time.

Diane and Darbi landed December 15 and we immediately jumped on a train to spend our first night in Koln, enjoying the Christmas Market that surrounded the cathedral. The picture below is taken down from one of the towers looking down on the market.

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