Monday, January 16, 2006

Implications of my European work, study, and travel

I will continue to reflect on what I am learning about leadership on this blog. Understanding leadership is a life-long journey for me and I know that I'll never be able to say that I fully understand it. The following points are offered in that context.

First of all, my European journey taught me that the USA is not the center of the globe. Secondly, as the USA continues to be challenged in its role in the international community, retreating into isolation and vilification of others is destructive. The third point is related to the second - securing a positive future for the USA is dependent on fostering creativity and innovation as the world shrinks and flattens.

In relation to learning, I also now realize that true global understanding results from experiencing, rather than observing or reading. I am also reassured to know that leadership is being reconceptualized in all kinds of work and communities. I am encouraged by the fact that higher education in the USA has a strategic advantage in holism and focus, if we utilize it. And on a very practical basis, it is exciting to confirm that enhancing student learning serves as a very natural intersection in the work between faculty and student affairs staff.

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