Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Sharon Parks Daloz on valuing others' wisdom

While I've been exploring integral theory with Oliver Triebel, I've simultaneously been reading Big Questions: Worthy Dreams by Sharon Daloz Parks. I've found many complementary concepts between Parks' ideas and those of integral theory. I sent a quote (p. 87) to Oliver from Parks' book as a thank you for our meeting:

One now becomes increasingly angered and saddened by assertions of truth that exclude the authority of the experience of others. For example, a manager may have been tolerant of shared inquiry and decision making, and even affirmed the notion ideologically - all the while silently harboring a sense that her own inner experience, knowledge, and intuition would lead to the best decision. When she dwells in this more interdependent conviction, however, she perceives dialogue to be not merely politically expedient but essential. Yet she can still bring to that dialogue the strength of her own capacity to author truth - a strength that is now joined with a capacity to listen to others with deepened attention and responsiveness.

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