Sunday, November 27, 2005

Teaser for "return to Paris"

On Sunday I went for a search of the best placed and most reasonable hotel room in Paris. I went back down to the central museum area and discovered that somehow I'd missed the Louvre the day before. I started by taking pictures from what I thought was the main entrance only to find out that the real thing was 20 times that size. I was absolutely stunned at the proportion of the collection and can't wait to go back with Diane and Darbi.

I searched and searched for hotels, checking rates as I went and have two nominees - one a block from the Louvre (my personal favorite) and the other a block from Sacre'-Coure pictured below. So, the choice will be up to Diane and Darbi whether they want to be in the downtown museum and attractions area or out in Montmartre. Either way, I'll be thrilled just to be back. Paris is a very special place.

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Devin said...

Okay, so this is becoming a challenge to read.'re eldest is becoming more and more jealous as you guys approach your fantasy European vacation...ahem, leaving the rest of us behind. I have to say that you & Mom thoroughly deserve the opportunity to explore and enjoy such fantastic European cities- but Darbi's been to Europe once this year...I mean, come on...overindulgent...oooh, do you want to stay near the Louvre or Montmarte...oohhh. Rub it in a little more why don't you!

Okay, so I'm over it. Anyway, 9 hours of walking! Are you kidding me! I can imagine that your legs were probably numb by the time you got back to the train station, huh? It sounds like you, too, have been bitten by the Paris bug. It's absolutely beautiful, I know.

Where to next weekend? Vienna, Austria, right? We're off to the booming metropolis of Oxford, OH, to visit Mom :)

Glad you're having so much fun. Love you :)